Ketnos ® Foodservice handles over 300 different products among three different temperatures: Dry, refrigerated, and frozen. All of these products are line items of which we keep an adequate and controlled stock for our Clients. Most of our products are imported while the rest are local.

These items have been added to our catalog along the last 15 years and have remained there due to the high acceptance of our Clients.


Salsa BBQ Dalcampi 4/1 gal
Salsa Frank's Red Hot Cayenne Pepper
Salsa Picante Cajun Chef
Salsa Barbeque DalCampi 4 Gal Cubeta
Salsa para Alitas con Ajo DalCampi
Salsa BBQ Mango Agridulce DalCampi
Salsa de Parmesano y Ajo DalCampi
Salsa Red Hot Extra Picante
Salsa Teriyaki Spicy DalCampi
Fajita marinada 170 gramos DalCampi
Gourmet Bleu Cheese 4/1 Gal. DalCampi
Empanizador Crujiente DalCampi
Toallitas Humedas Ketnos 4 x 7
Glaze de Naranja DalCampi
Costilla de Cerdo St. Louis Congelada DalCampi
Aderezo Ranch DalCampi
Sal Kosher
Papel encerado cuadros rojos 9 x 12
Salsa Tabasco 355 ml.
Ala 1-2 Natural IQF, 11 kgs. DalCampi
Aderezo Cesar DalCampi
Croutones sazonados
Salsa Cayenne Pepper DalCampi
Salmon Ahumado DalCampi
Aderezo Ranch Clasico
Capeador Dalcampi
Salsa de Soya Kikkoman Gal.
Nuggets de Pollo, 10 kgs. DalCampi
Aderezo Ranch Fat Free
Humo Liquido Figaro
Salsa Tabasco 90 ml
Boneless de Pollo, 10 kgs. DalCampi
Aderezo Italiano Reducido en Calorias
Batter Mix Tempura 25 Lbs.
Salsa Inglesa Worcestershire Frenchs
Salsa Lemon Pepper Habanero DalCampi
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