Ketnos ® Foodservice offers customers value-added services consisting on the analysis that are based on customer needs and solutions. To do this, a work plan is made , the development of the solution and planning for the proper implementation of the proposed solution.

The solutions we design are based on knowledge of: Products , market and business processes of our customers.

Search for and locate products Services

Ketnos ® Foodservice currently has in its catalog about 300 active products and each one has had to go through this location stage.

Once found the product in turn, physical samples, technical specifications, if it is the case- recipes and additional information are obtained to help both the customer and us validate that it is a suitable product and clearly responds to the needs that are required. The product is tested and if these test positive , we proceed to quote it to the customer in previously estimated volumes.

As business partners in Ketnos ® Foodservice we work every day for our customers to view and perceive us as an extension of your company when you run the research and development of new products as part of the service we provide to them.

Distribution Services

In our four geographic locations of Monterrey, Mexico City and Guadalajara we maintain our own fleet for the distribution of dry , chilled and frozen products. In these branches we have proper operational and administrative staff to supply our customers with its products regularly. From these 3 units Ketnos ® Foodservice business serves customers that are located in more than 50 cities in Mexico with a level of service ranging from 24, 48 and 72 hours depending on the distance between the Ketnos warehouse and the city where each client places it’s order.

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We specialized to provide high quality in our products.
We understand clearly the compromised we have in the correct way to use our products for our customers.

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